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Most Wheelchair-Friendly Cities in the World

Most Wheelchair-Friendly Cities in the World

Most Wheelchair-Friendly Cities in the World

If you’re in the market for wheelchair ramps and accessible entrances, then you might want to consider moving to one of these most wheelchair-friendly cities on the planet. The list includes U.S., Canadian, and international locations that are known to accommodate those with different physical needs. It only takes one Google search to realize how little research has been done on wheelchair accessibility, but this list will hopefully help change that conversation.

You can enjoy a vacation at the beach in Barcelona if you are wheelchair-bound thanks to the wheelchair-friendly locale.

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If you want to go someplace where you can get in the sun, Barcelona in Spain is one of the best places for a disabled person. A majority of the streets, buses, and metro stations have been built with a disability in mind, as well as the beach. Considering this place has beautiful paths for travelers, there’s nothing for you to be disappointed about here. So, you can have an incredible beach vacation in one of the most amazing and accessible cities in the world.

Seattle is one of the best accessible cities in the United States for people with disabilities.

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Anyone interested in a wheelchair-friendly vacation should look into booking a trip to Seattle. Although it’s got some hills, it’s also considered one of the most accessible cities in the United States. The entire city is wheelchair accessible with all the amenities to make sure people who are handicapped can visit with no barriers. Some of the tourist attractions are the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and many more.

Berlin is one of the most wheelchair-friendly cities on the planet thanks to its accessibility

Contrary to Seattle, Berlin is a rather flat city, which automatically means it is easier to access. Added to the adjustments made to public transport and the city’s accessible and interesting attractions, it’s no wonder this is one of the world’s best wheelchair-friendly cities. The landmarks such as the Reichstag let everyone from around the world come and explore Berlin’s history and views, so there’s no need to worry about missing out on anything. All you’ll need to focus on is trying to avoid the habits of American tourists that some Berliners are annoyed by.

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London has managed to combine its rich history with easy accessibility

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Even though most of the London architecture wasn’t originally designed to be accessible, that has thankfully been put into place now and the capital is available for all people to enjoy. That includes the London Underground, whose rich history has not been disrupted by the city’s quest to offer step-free access on a growing number of platforms. The government has apparently vowed to make all attractions wheelchair accessible, and London is undoubtedly worth visiting.
It can be frustrating to miss out on visiting destinations that aren’t handicap accessible, but luckily it seems most countries are taking strides to improve the situation. Until you get a definitive answer, you can find things to do by looking at this list of the best wheelchair-friendly cities.

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