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Lesser-Known Beautiful Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List

Lesser-Known Beautiful Destinations to Add to Your Bucket List

Pamukkale, Turkey

You may have seen photos of Cappadocia, an area in Turkey famous for its antique cave homes and hot air balloons. We suggest Pamukkale, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the nation’s northern coast noted for its crystalline blue thermal pools, for those seeking a different type of beauty.

Valley of Flowers, India

This national park in India is situated amidst the Himalayan highlands in the northern region of the nation. The scenery is right out of a Planet Earth documentary and has mountains, a wide variety of flowers, and wandering wild animals eating grass.

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Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia

The phrase “otherworldly” springs to mind while observing the salt flats in southwest Bolivia, but perhaps it just serves to highlight how greatly we underrate the beauty of the planet. Even though the flats do get a decent amount of tourists, we believe that anything this stunning deserves a little more attention.

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