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Las Vegas is Going to be Out of this World with This New Hotel!

Las Vegas is Going to be Out of this World with This New Hotel!

Vegas, baby! Nevada’s glitzy resort city is known around the world as one of the most exciting places to be at any time of year. Its hotels and casinos are famous (or infamous!) for their elaborate themes and entertainment spectacles, and now an out-of-this-world new hotel will be opening its doors on The Strip soon.

The construction of a 5.5 million square foot hotel with lunar-inspired design has been revealed. The Canadian business Moon World Resorts Inc., which also has lunar-themed hotels planned for the Middle East, China, and Spain over the next five years, is the brains behind the $5 billion proposal.

The moon model in the Las Vegas hotel, which is planned to be 735 feet tall and 650 feet wide, will captivate space enthusiasts. It will still be big enough to hold 4,000 guest rooms and suites even if it will only be 1/75,000 the size of the moon.

The Moon Resort Las Vegas offers plenty of entertainment for its visitors. A planetarium, theatre, arena, event space, spa, and casino can be expected. It will also include nightclubs located immediately underneath “spaceships,” as well as thousands of square feet worth of stores and eateries. However, a lunar colony is a need for any enterprise with a lunar motif.

Visitors may spend 90 minutes visiting a 10-acre area that simulates the lunar colonies that NASA and other space projects are currently planning for $500. Visitors will ride a rollercoaster-like lunar shuttle to get there and a moon buggy to traverse over the craters.

The construction of Moon Resorts Las Vegas is anticipated to take around four years.

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Image Source- Business Insider

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Guests at the upscale resort will have an opportunity for four hours of self-discovery, hospitality and transcendence. Spacious suites and swimming pools are just the beginning, because there will also be meditation rooms, events spaces, on-site vegan restaurants and a view that is out of this world.

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With a planned opening date in early 2020, these guests can expect for their stay at the space hotel to mimic an astronaut experience. Starting from check-in and waiting until you sleep in your pod-like quarters, visitors will be immersed in all things outer space. There will even be an observation deck that guests can step out onto and see Earth while they float.

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The new Moon-themed hotel coming to Las Vegas will not disappoint. With gigantic craters and a sphinx made of rock formations, this will provide an out-of-this world experience for the city. And if you’re lucky, you might even spot some astronauts! How cool would that be?
The event planners behind the project promise that it will bring many jobs and revenue to the area while providing a unique attraction unlike any other in Sin City. Visitors can expect extraordinary opportunities such as lunar research missions at Blackjack’s Space Camp or moonlit dinners at Feast on Earth Restaurant – everything you could ever want or need!
What are you waiting for? Book your trip now before it’s too late!

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