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Laos: The Unexpected Gem of Southeast Asia

Laos: The Unexpected Gem of Southeast Asia

Most people in the world haven’t heard of Laos. It’s the only Southeast Asian country that doesn’t border the Pacific Ocean and it’s relatively isolated from neighboring countries, making it less accessible than most other countries in the region, including more developed and popular destinations like Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. But there are many reasons why you should visit Laos in your lifetime, whether as part of a larger trip around Southeast Asia or as an extended vacation to discover this hidden gem on your own. Consider these top four reasons to visit Laos in your lifetime to learn more about what makes this country so special.

Luang Prabang

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Your journey to Laos will be a success even if you merely stop in at the historic city of Luang Prabang. Due to historical landmarks like the Haw Kham Royal Palace Museum and natural features like the Tat Sae Waterfalls and Pak Ou Caves, it is the most popular destination in the nation. Due to its extensive “architectural, religious, and cultural legacy,” the location has been included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you are looking for a more relaxing trip, this might not be your best choice as there are no beaches within the area. However, there are many luxury hotels that offer exquisite views of mountains that overlook this beautiful town. If you have time during your visit, make sure to check out some water activities such as kayaking or tubing on the Nam Khan River or head up north to Tad Sae Falls for an unforgettable hike through nature.

Natural Beauty

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You won’t be far from some picturesque vistas of mountains, woods, waterfalls, and rivers anywhere you travel in Laos. The nation is worth visiting only for its breathtaking natural scenery, which can be appreciated by going on hikes, mountain bike rides, and riverboat cruises. However, there are also many interesting historic landmarks that visitors should take the time to explore while they are in Laos. These include Wat Phu, a UNESCO World Heritage site; Luang Prabang’s old town; and Vat Phou’s remains.


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You’re in for a treat because the food in Laos is quite comparable to that in Thailand and Vietnam. Along with the standard sticky rice, there are many more meals that will tantalise your taste buds with fascinating tastes and unexpected twists. Local delicacies include taffy iced coconut cream, banana pancakes, iced coconut water and green papaya salad. One of the most popular dishes is called ‘spicy bamboo shoots’ which we recommend you try if you have time! Don’t forget to try out local beer such as Beerlao or Lao Red Bull.

Buddhist Temples

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It is not unexpected to see Buddhist temples on every corner given how important the Buddhist faith is to Laotian culture. Because of their distinctive and varied architectural designs as well as their peculiar settings, each of them is a draw in and of itself. It is also worth taking a stroll through Vientiane’s Wat Sisaket Museum to get an idea of how Buddhism has shaped the country’s history. Temple Mounts: There are numerous temple mounts scattered around Laos’ rural regions that give an insight into its ancient past when it was once an empire encompassing parts of modern-day Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

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