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Kigali, Rwanda: A Must-See Travel Destination

Kigali, Rwanda: A Must-See Travel Destination

Rwanda has been making headlines lately with the 2018 elections and the rebuilding of its capital city, Kigali. But there’s more to Rwanda than just elections and political turmoil; it’s also home to some unique attractions. If you’re thinking about taking your next vacation in this East African country, be sure to include these five tourist attractions in your plans—you won’t regret it!

Niyo Arts Gallery

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Visit Niyo Arts Gallery to learn more about Rwandan contemporary art. The location provides skilled Rwandan musicians, painters, and sculptors with studio space as well as a venue for displaying their creations. Additionally, the gallery hosts exhibitions of international artists who are active in the country. Muhima Memorial Hospital: Muhima Memorial Hospital was founded by missionary Reverend Dr. George Muhima in 1962 to provide medical care for people living in rural areas of Rwanda. After Dr. Muhima’s death, his daughter Joyce continued the work her father started and is still present at the hospital today.

Mount Kigali

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It is quite a satisfying accomplishment to ascend Mount Kigali, a peak located west of the city centre. In addition to being surrounded by lovely and dynamic nature, you will also be welcomed by expansive views of Kigali’s urban environment. Once at the summit, spend some time looking out over one of the most rapidly developing African cities. If you’re brave enough (or maybe just not so sensible), take a leap off the top!

Kimironko Market

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By going to Kimironko Market, you may learn more about the city from the perspective of the inhabitants. You may sample Rwandan cuisine, locate rare goods, and have a chance to mingle with the people here. There are also many crafts for sale, which include beautifully woven baskets, as well as handmade paper products. For example, some may find this attractive handcrafted pottery or that made from banana leaves. Additionally, there is always live music playing in the background at this market which can create an enjoyable atmosphere for all those visiting it.

See Also

Kigali Genocide Memorial

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Even though it’s the final item on the list, it should be your top priority. It remembers and respects the victims of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. Along with understanding historical details, this course will provide you the opportunity to discover more about the events that led up to the horrible ones. The next stop is Nyarugenge District. Here, you’ll see some impressive buildings including Nyamirambo market, Kacyiru International School for Girls, National Museum of Arts and Culture (MONACO), PAGAC headquarters as well as one of the city’s largest parks – Akagera National Park where you can spot animals such as lions, leopards and wildebeests!

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