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Island of the Pigs: A Surprisingly Unusual Beach Destination In Bahama

Island of the Pigs: A Surprisingly Unusual Beach Destination In Bahama

There’s only one place in the world where you can swim with the pigs…and it’s exactly as weird as it sounds. The island of Big Major Cay is home to over two dozen feral pigs who were left there by sailors and never bothered to leave. These wild pigs are accustomed to being around humans, and they even like to take baths in the ocean, wading out into the shallow water and rolling around in the sand like regular beachgoers would do in their swimming suits.

Here’s how to get there

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The island of Big Major Cay is home to a colony of swimming pigs, and it’s one of the most unusual beach destinations in the world. To get there, you’ll need to take a boat from Nassau (the capital of the Bahamas) or from one of the nearby islands. Once you’re on the island, you can swim with the pigs in the crystal-clear waters or relax on the powdery white sand beaches. Just be sure to bring plenty of food to share with your new furry friends!

Why this beach is unusual

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Visitors to this beach are greeted by a rather unusual sight: dozens of pigs roaming around and taking a dip in the ocean. The pigs are said to be friendly, and they’re definitely not shy! This unusual beach is a great destination for those looking for something different.

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In addition to the Bahamas’ turquoise waters, travelers will be surprised to learn that you can go swimming with pigs there as well. Around 20 feral pink and black pigs live on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay. Tourists can easily interact with the pigs, who are used to human contact, and even swim with them in the sea. Porcines inhabiting the island are known to be excellent swimmers.

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The secret behind this island

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This unusual beach is actually home to a colony of pigs that were brought over by a group of sailors from a nearby island. The pigs have since thrived on the island, and have become a popular tourist attraction. Visitors can swim with the pigs, feed them, and even take selfies with them. So if you’re looking for a unique beach destination, be sure to add Island of the Pigs to your list!

Image Credit : Bahamas Visitors Guide
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