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In Singapore, you can eat leftovers from fancy hotels with an app

In Singapore, you can eat leftovers from fancy hotels with an app

If you’ve ever been to a fancy hotel, chances are the food was better than your average three-star restaurant meal. It turns out, you don’t have to be rich to taste the finer side of life—just download an app called Leftover Dreams. (And yes, it’s spelled that way on purpose.) This Singapore-based company works with luxury hotels in Singapore to provide leftover meals from their restaurants at discounted rates so they can be enjoyed by local residents and tourists alike.

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Do you believe that food tastes better the next day after you cook it? Then perhaps you should travel to Singapore.

People in the southeast Asian nation may now eat leftovers from upscale restaurants thanks to a business. The idea was developed in response to worldwide food waste, which is especially prevalent in the Asia-Pacific region, which accounts for more than half of all global food waste.

Preston Wong, who co-founded Treatsure in 2017, saw his family tossing out perishable food that had reached the end of its shelf life when he had the idea for food redistribution. “We developed the app to reduce food and drink waste. I discovered that the issue of food loss was just as difficult in the food sector as it was in families,” he said.

A box of food from upscale hotels like the Hyatt, Accor Group, and the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel that would have otherwise been thrown out may be collected by the app’s more than 40,000 users. A conventional hotel buffet would cost $70 SGD ($50 USD), however the “buffet in a box” is only $10.50 SGD (about $8 USD).

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I frequently repeat the idea that sustainability should be feasible, adds Wong. “I believe that gap can be closed through technology.”

Treatsure is currently developing its services in Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand. If a customer does not live nearby, he or she may ship food directly to another party for $4 SGD (about $3 USD). We were inspired by a friend of ours who lives in Indonesia but had family in Singapore, says Wong. He wanted to send his wife leftovers from his hotel and we realized it was easier said than done. That’s when we started working on Treatsure.

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