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How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip to Alaska

How to Get the Most Out of Your Trip to Alaska

If you’re headed to Alaska for the first time, you’re probably wondering how to get the most out of your trip. After all, it’s not every day that you get to travel to one of the most beautiful places in the world. This guide will help you discover everything there is to see and do while in this gorgeous corner of the United States, so that your memories will last a lifetime! [Insert more detailed content here.]

Book a trip during summer, when it’s lighter and warmer
Book your trip during summer, when it’s lighter and warmer. The best time for wildlife viewing is early morning and late evening hours. This is also a good time for taking pictures! Pack sunglasses as well, because there will be so much amazing scenery that you won’t want to squint all day long. Lastly, make sure you wear sturdy walking shoes if you’re doing any hikes–the terrain can be rugged!

Eat at local restaurants – they know what they are doing!

Alaska is known for its outdoor adventures, but if you’re not looking for a total outdoor experience, there are plenty of ways to enjoy yourself in Anchorage and other parts of the state. Restaurants are one great way. Local restaurants offer tastes from all over the world at a fraction of what it would cost on your home turf. You might also take advantage of them as cultural windows into our surroundings–the lights, music, cuisine can tell us a lot about a place.

Bring a pair of rain boots
Alaska is not a place where you want to explore on foot or by bike. Bring good shoes and rain gear as it can rain any time of year. If your feet get wet and you’re at high elevation, then hypothermia is a very real threat. Keep that in mind if you plan on hiking or fishing!

Don’t wait in line for things – you will be rewarded with fresh air.
Alaska’s vast wilderness draws people in from all over the world, but be sure not to miss out on Anchorage. You can get a taste of life in Alaska’s largest city without braving your way through traffic or navigating driving distances outside your comfort zone. The surprising thing about Anchorage is that you’ll find much more than just roads and houses. Here you’ll find outdoor activities like hiking and biking, as well as popular attractions like The Denali National Park, which is also home to Mt. McKinley (AKA The Great One), The George M Sullivan Sports Arena where kids have access to ice skating year-round and foodie favorites such as Copper Whale Brewing Company and Gold Street Caffe & Gelato Cafe.

Rent an SUV/4×4 instead of a car
Planning a trip to Alaska? It’s crucial you rent a vehicle with four-wheel drive and an appropriate tire size. Failing to do so can end up costing you money, in terms of car repair bills or potential fines for going off-road. The good news is that there are now 4x4s available with automatic transmissions, making them much easier to operate than they were just a few years ago.

Driving on ice? Keep your tires full!
Driving on ice in winter is no easy feat. You may be able to go a few miles before you need to turn around and get chains, but it’s important not to try and tough it out if your tires are already going flat. If you do need chains, use them sparingly until you can find a company who will sell them to you and make sure that your car is at least operating on four tires for the duration of your drive.

Only book tours from tour operators (not from hotels)
Book tours from professional tour operators in order to get the most out of your Alaskan adventure. Tour operators are experts in the local culture and geography, which means they know where to go and how long to stay at each location. Plus, their services will include all transportation and even lodging, if you want a complete vacation experience without any hassle.

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Flying into Denali National Park? Go straight to campgrounds
If you’re flying into Denali National Park, be sure to stop by at one of their campsites. The nearest airport is 26 miles away and offers no ground transportation services but if you fly in they have a shuttle service available to pick up campers at the airport. Once you arrive, feel free to explore near campgrounds that offer a host of amenities including RV camping, backcountry camping, group tent camping and even group yurt camping for family getaways!

Pack warm layers! The cold really isn’t that bad.
It’s easy to think that you need tons of layers when traveling in a cold climate, but if you pack too many they’ll end up weighing down your luggage. So it’s better to err on the side of packing less and layering up once you’re at your destination. Don’t forget to pack warm socks, scarves, gloves, hats and eye masks!

Wear sunscreen every day! Even if it is cloudy.
Just like with any other state, in Alaska, you’ll want to make sure that every day is sunscreen day. The days when it’s cloudy often do not offer enough protection from UVA rays. This can be a particularly difficult challenge if you are experiencing high humidity or temps above 80 degrees Fahrenheit because you may need to reapply more often during the day.

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