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Hidden Gems in Bratislava, Slovakia You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Hidden Gems in Bratislava, Slovakia You’ll Wish You Knew About Sooner

If you’re traveling to Bratislava, Slovakia, be sure to set aside some extra time to check out these five hidden gems that are just waiting for you to discover them! No matter what you like to do in your free time, you’ll find something fun and exciting in this city that’s often overlooked by tourists. So, if you love history, art, museums and more, check out these five hidden gems in Bratislava and make the most of your visit!

Devin Castle

Image Source- Visit Bratislava

Devin Castle isn’t really a hidden treasure, but it is frequently disregarded by tourists because it isn’t located on the edge of the city. With references to the location dating back to the ninth century, it is one of the oldest castles in Slovakia. You may take in some fantastic panoramic views of Bratislava and the surroundings in addition to the magnificent ruins. The cathedral with its Gothic-style window glass will amaze you as well as the treasury which contains medieval coins, ancient books, and ceremonial gold plates. If you have time for more sightseeing at this point, don’t miss St Martin’s Cathedral – Slovakian Baroque-style church that was completed in 1770 – or Župné Square with its Renaissance-era town hall from 1630.

Multium Galery

Image Source- Trip Advisor

This location is quite rare. Although it is formally a space and mirror gallery, it might also be considered an attraction that creates optical illusions. There are six illusions in it, each more amazing than the last, with a variety of effects and illusions of infinity on exhibit. The Gallery has been nominated for International Award for best three-dimensional exhibition as well as BEST EXHIBITION at BIENNALE OF MIRRORS 2015. It’s always worth stopping by for a look!

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Calvary Hill

Image Source- Pintrest

This location, which is located above Bratislava’s primary train station, is simple to overlook. But when you do, you’ll be astounded by it. The area features a number of landmarks, including a calvary, and provides a breathtaking panoramic view of Bratislava. It also offers walking trails that lead to a chapel with ruins from the 12th century. A visit will take about 30 minutes, but will be well worth it for the memories alone!

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