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Goa’s Arambol Beach: A Must-Visit on Your Asia Travel Itinerary

Goa’s Arambol Beach: A Must-Visit on Your Asia Travel Itinerary

Arambol Beach in Goa, India, should be on your Asia travel itinerary if you have the time to spare from partying with fellow backpackers in Bangkok or trying to relax in the busy streets of Singapore. Here’s why it’s one of the best beaches in Asia and why you need to visit Goa as soon as possible.

Why you should visit Goa’s Arambol Beach
Arambol Beach is one of the best beaches in India, and it should be at the top of your list if you’re traveling to this region. Here are five reasons to visit this beach!
-The water is warm and shallow, perfect for families with small children
-People are friendly, making you feel welcome and safe
-Local vendors sell refreshing fruit juice drinks and tasty fried fish. Yum!

How to get there
Getting to Goa can be a bit tricky. If you are arriving from America, expect a long flight and some layovers, but that doesn’t take away from the amazingness of the destination. If you are arriving from Europe, it should only take about 8 hours by plane. Once in India, consider renting a car or taking an autorickshaw to Arambol.

What to do when you’re there
Arambol is a favorite spot for Indian locals and international tourists alike. At the beach, you can walk for miles as the sand gives way to rockier ground or set up camp at one of the many popular beach shacks. The best time to visit is in November when weather conditions are favorable, but don’t forget your sunscreen even if it doesn’t feel that hot out! Be sure to stop by Devi Shack for an ice cream break. You’ll find everything from fresh coconuts to burmese noodles at the market, not to mention plenty of beautiful souvenirs. Walk around town in search of some live music – this area is known for its unique sound which cannot be found anywhere else in India. Take a boat ride across the water from Panjim into this region for amazing photo ops and a more peaceful atmosphere.

Where to stay
One of the best places to stay for visiting Goa is the Golden Palms Hotel, one of the most luxurious resorts in South Goa. Here you can enjoy the luxury of their spa treatments, crystal clear private beach and facilities like a gym, pool and sauna that can make this beach side holiday as refreshing or relaxing as you want it to be. Arambol Beach is not only great for those who want to relax and recuperate, but also for those who are keen on exploring what the area has to offer. The sandy white beaches stretching out behind the hotel provide a space where you can go swimming with friends, take long walks along the coastlines and sunbathe under palm trees if you’re not interested in exploring any further than your feet will take you.

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Who to meet
Locals will be your best friends during a trip to Goa, and the locals at Arambol Beach are some of the most welcoming in India. The vibe is unique–you’ll feel like you’re not visiting an Indian beach but traveling back in time to another country that hasn’t been changed by tourism or modern culture. Spend a day relaxing on the sands and taking part in beach games with other tourists and locals alike. One particular game worth trying is known as Boys versus Girls, where boys take turns shooting hoops from across the sand, attempting to get as close as possible without falling into the water. If they make it across, girls try their luck; if they don’t, it becomes boys’ turn again.

Who you’ll see there
Arambol is a popular coastal beach town situated in North Goa, India. The beach is often thronged with Indian tourists, backpackers and Europeans sunbathing or dipping in the waters.
Do take note that the place gets particularly crowded during the peak tourist season from November to March each year. Thankfully, it is not far from other popular destinations like Mandrem and Morjim beaches and Patnem beach. That said, you will have to prepare for more crowds at these places too during these months.
But if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, then head over to Vagator beach or Palolem beach which are both within close proximity of Arambol beach but less crowded.
Another option is Utorda Beach which can be reached via a 25 minute drive away.

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