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Game On: The World’s Greatest Gaming Destinations

Game On: The World’s Greatest Gaming Destinations

Everybody has to start somewhere when it comes to gaming, whether it’s at home on your computer or at the local arcade. But once you’ve mastered a game, you don’t want to be stuck playing the same thing over and over again. The world of gaming has grown exponentially in recent years, so there are now plenty of amazing gaming destinations that you need to add to your bucket list! Here are 10 of the greatest places on earth to game!

Check Out The American Classic Arcade Museum

If you love gaming, there’s no better place to travel than the American Classic Arcade Museum. Here, you can step back in time and play classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Space Invaders. Plus, the museum also has a huge collection of vintage video game consoles for you to check out. And if you get hungry, there’s even a classic arcade-themed restaurant on site.
Arcades are the epitome of vintage gaming, which has had a tremendous resurgence in recent years. Visit the American Classic Arcade Museum if you enjoy classic music or simply miss the days when all you needed to play a game was a quarter in your pocket. The museum, which is in Laconia, New Hampshire, houses one of the greatest collections of arcade games, which includes games from before electricity until the 1980s, when the genre peaked in popularity. You may explore the 300 games the museum has in its collection and learn more about the development of gaming.

Experience A Zombie In London

No longer just for nerds, gaming has gone mainstream and there are now all sorts of different ways to get your game on while traveling. If you’re looking for a truly unique gaming experience, why not try a zombie experience in London? You’ll be kitted out in all the gear you need to survive, including a military grade laser gun, before being let loose in a fully immersive zombie-infested environment.
Do you enjoy playing video games with a zombie theme? If that’s the case, going on a zombie experience in London must be a part of your ideal vacation. The city includes an astounding selection of real-world zombie outbreak situations that will put your game-learning to the test. You will be thrust right into the action with a horde of zombies (played by actors) aiming to grab you after receiving a brief instruction in zombie combat. Some locations even give you the option to become a zombie yourself. What a fantastic thing!

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Visit Akihabara Electric Town As A Pilgrimage

If you enjoy playing video games, a vacation to Japan is a great idea. You’ll fit in in because the nation as a whole is unsurpassed in its obsession with video games. Make sure to go straight to Akihabara Electric Town as you arrive. The nation’s center for video gaming is located in this area of Tokyo. Numerous stores here sell electrical devices, gaming consoles, and video games, some of which are not accessible anywhere in the world. Additionally, you may discover manga stores, arcade cafés, souvenirs, memorabilia, and rare video games.

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