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Five Things You Should Know Before Taking a Tourist Trip to Morocco

Five Things You Should Know Before Taking a Tourist Trip to Morocco

Each year, millions of tourists take trips to Morocco, and if you’re one of them, you should know that there are five things you should know before taking your tourist trip to Morocco. The most important thing you need to know about Morocco’s culture is that it’s very different from the West in many ways, which can make your visit difficult if you don’t prepare properly and don’t have an open mind. This article will tell you all the things you need to know before going on a tourist trip to Morocco, so read carefully and take notes!

Visa is Not Required

If you are visiting Morocco on vacation, you won’t need a visa. However, bear in mind that you can only do this for a maximum of 90 days. Make sure your passport is valid and has at least six months left before it expires. The Moroccan currency is the Dirham (DH). The country operates on a five-day work week with Saturday and Sunday off. Major holidays include Eid al-Adha, Eid al-Fitr, Mawlid an-Nabi and All Saints Day.

Only a Few Mosques Allow Entry to Non-Muslim

Mosques in Morocco are renowned for their elaborate architectural designs and stunning interior ornamentation. But if you’re not a Muslim, you’ll just have to observe them from a distance. Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is one of the few mosques in Morocco that admits non-Muslims.

Travel by Train

If you can travel to your next site in Morocco by train, do so right away. Trains are regarded as the most dependable, secure, and affordable mode of transportation in the nation. If your budget permits, you should purchase a first-class ticket because it includes air conditioning and a reserved seat.

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Haggling is Welcomed

In Morocco, haggling is kind of a tradition, so don’t be afraid to attempt it. The latter is especially true of bazaars (markets), where haggling is encouraged. To get the best prices for goods, start by offering about half of what you think the item might cost.

Speaking French is Quite Helpful

In larger towns like Casablanca or Marrakesh, English will get you by in the majority of situations. However, if you don’t know a few fundamental Arabic terms, you’ll struggle in the smaller towns and more rural places. French is helpful because it’s widely spoken throughout the nation, while Spanish will be useful in some places, including Tangier.

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