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Experience the Best Pasta in Italy: A Guide

Experience the Best Pasta in Italy: A Guide

image source- Charlestone City Paper

Have you always wanted to go to Italy and experience the great food it has to offer? If so, you’re not alone. Thanks to the popularity of shows like Eat, Pray, Love and Top Chef, more people than ever before want to visit Italy and try its food. But how do you know which pasta restaurant or restaurant in general will give you the best experience? You don’t. That’s why you need this guide.
If you’re a gourmet and a fan of Italian cuisine, chances are good that you’ve fantasised about visiting Italy and indulging in the sumptuous cuisine the nation has to offer. Italy is renowned for its culinary prowess across a wide range of cuisines, but pasta is one of its primary claims to fame. But just because you’ve been to Italy doesn’t imply you’ll have a genuine experience there. Here are some suggestions to make sure you obtain the genuine article.

Avoid Tourist Traps

Image Source- Revelaed Rome

There are a few things you can do to avoid tourist traps and have a more authentic Italian pasta experience. First, do your research before you go and make sure to read reviews from locals. Second, ask your hotel concierge or AirBnB host for recommendations on where to eat. Third, wander off the beaten path and explore areas that are less touristy. Fourth, be open to trying new things – even if it’s not what you’re used to.

Make Sure It’s Homemade

The best pasta is always going to be homemade. When you’re in Italy, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re getting the best possible experience.
Please make sure the pasta you are purchasing is handmade for the love of all things created with eggs and wheat. You may not expect to encounter such a problem in Italy, but you might be shocked. Keep in mind that certain shops could believe they can con visitors easily, but you won’t let that to happen. Get a genuine assurance that the pasta you’re eating is freshly cooked, prepared on-site, and with care.

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