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Everything You Need to Know Before You Go: A Tourist’s Guide to Monaco

Everything You Need to Know Before You Go: A Tourist’s Guide to Monaco

There are certain things that every tourist must do before visiting Monaco; there are other things that every tourist should know before they go, and there are still others that tourists might not necessarily need to do, but they would certainly make the trip more enjoyable. This guide will tell you everything you need to know before you go so you can plan the perfect trip to Monaco and avoid making any mistakes along the way.

Everything is Expensive
In comparison to most other tourist locations, Monaco has higher prices on everything. Be ready to spend more money than you normally would on services and items, especially if you visit upscale eateries and designer boutiques. It is also wise to carry a supply of cash with you since many businesses are not able to process credit cards due to the risk of fraud in the area. If you need assistance finding your way around town, there are multilingual volunteers that can help with directions for free.

Gambling is Legal, But Only for Tourists
With several casinos where you may test your luck at slot machines, roulette tables, and other games, Monaco has legalised gambling. It’s intriguing that residents cannot enter gaming enterprises; only visitors are permitted. In fact, it is illegal for locals to even be in the vicinity of a casino. No wonder they call it Monaco-la-Perle – the pearl! From its famed coastline to its glitzy high-end fashion outlets, one can’t help but admire this European hotspot. So if you’re looking for someplace new and exciting to visit, make sure Monaco is on your bucket list!

There’s a Dress Code
Both citizens and visitors must adhere to Monaco’s rigorous dress code. You are only permitted to wander around in your swimsuit on the beach, which is one of its severe laws. Ladies should wear a modest bathing suit that covers their torso, or bikini bottoms with a shirt-style top. Men can go shirtless as long as they wear swim trunks or shorts that don’t expose their buttocks.

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Visiting During Formula 1 Weekend is a Nightmare
A trip to Monaco and a Formula One race along the road could sound like a nice plan. But it would probably be best to stay away from it. The city is quite congested, everything is significantly more expensive, and you won’t get to explore everything it has to offer during the Monaco Grand Prix. If you do happen to go, make sure to book your hotel in advance as they will become quickly booked up and prepare for lines of cars on the roads.

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