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Don’t Miss These Hidden Gems on Your Next Trip to Tallinn, Estonia!

Don’t Miss These Hidden Gems on Your Next Trip to Tallinn, Estonia!

Tallinn, Estonia, may not be on the top of your list of vacation destinations, but it should be! With its Old Town full of winding cobblestone streets and medieval architecture, it’s sure to captivate you with its charm. From the quaint pubs serving up delicious Estonian cuisine to the rejuvenating thermal spas, this city is worth visiting in itself, but when you add in these hidden gems, it turns into an unforgettable experience. Read on to find out how you can enjoy everything Tallinn has to offer while also enjoying these hidden gems!


Image Source- Kongres Magazine

The old Olympic venue Linnahall is now slowly succumbing to ageing. It was constructed in 1980 for sailing competitions at the Moscow Olympics, although it has subsequently served a variety of functions. The structure was unsuccessfully attempted to be rebuilt by the city of Tallinn, which resulted in its current condition of ruin. The fact that it serves as a reminder of Estonia’s USSR history makes it an excellent destination to visit despite this. And there is a good deal of street art to appreciate.

Art Studio Ichthus

It will take some work to locate Art Studio Ichthus because it is hidden behind a Dominican convent from the 13th century in Viru Stree. But when you do, you’ll be astounded. The artworks are placed in basements that monks once utilised, providing outstanding art in a distinctive context. Prices range from €4 for an individual print to €7,000 for a wall-sized installation and buyers can pick up their purchases at their convenience; not only during business hours.

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Japanese Garden in Kadriorg Park

Image Source- Visit Estonia

Go to Kadriorg Park and look for its Japanese Garden if you want to get away from the busy streets or just need a break. The area’s ponds, stone buildings, and cherry blossoms create a delightfully tranquil ambience thanks to the work of renowned landscape designer Masao Sone. The garden also has a monument honoring those who died in World War II fighting against fascism.
There are also some nice benches where you can sit and admire the natural beauty surrounding you.

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