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Don’t Miss Out on Seeing Alexandria When You’re in Egypt!

Don’t Miss Out on Seeing Alexandria When You’re in Egypt!

Alexandria has long been one of the must-see sites in Egypt, and it’s easy to see why! Whether you’re visiting Alexandria while in Egypt or doing sightseeing while on vacation, there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t miss Alexandria while in Egypt. Here are just three!

Historical Significance

Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt, located near the Mediterranean Sea at the western mouth. It was originally founded by Alexander the Great, and it served as one of his main ports for many years. Today, it’s a hub for trade and industry that’s reflected in its many iconic structures like the Ramses Hilton and Old Fort Qaitbey.

Book Lovers’ Paradise
It’s no secret that Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is one of the most beautiful cities and most popular tourist destinations. However, if you want to experience something different than the typical tourist attractions and are willing to get out of Cairo for a bit then make sure you plan a day trip to see the city of Alexandria. Like Cairo, it was once the capital of Egypt but after Rome conquered it from Cleopatra it took over as capital.

Charming Coast

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Located at the mouth of the Nile, Alexandria has a long and storied history. Founded by Alexander the Great, it is one of the great cities of antiquity. Located about 150 miles upriver from Cairo, Alexandria was once one of the busiest ports in the world. Today, that is all but forgotten and there are few signs that this once bustling city still exists.

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