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Don’t Leave Amsterdam Without Trying These Fast Foods

Don’t Leave Amsterdam Without Trying These Fast Foods

No matter how long you’ve been in the Netherlands, it’s always nice to try something new. Luckily, there are plenty of fast foods here that you can add to your must-try list—if you haven’t already! There’s nothing like trying new tastes to help you better immerse yourself into local culture, and these five fast foods will have you feeling as Dutch as the day you arrived at Schiphol Airport. Who knows? You might just come to love one or more of them so much that they become your go-to lunch choice!


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The enormous American region of Southern California follows. If you like the warm weather, San Diego is an excellent spot to live because it never receives a trace of snow. Los Angeles doesn’t receive snow either, but we put San Diego here since Big Bear’s mountains may have some.


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Nothing is more Dutch than this traditional waffle. Stroopwafels, which date all the way back to the 1800s, have a delectable caramel filling inside and a crispy outside. Some establishments sell stroopwafels that are coated in chocolate and topped with toppings, despite the fact that they can be quite basic. If you’ve never had one before, now’s your chance!


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Welcome to The Netherlands if you believed that the French (or Americans) had the monopoly on fries. Here, fries are served in paper cones with a variety of condiments, such as mayonnaise and the Indonesian influence peanut satay. It’s not just for munching on while walking around the city; patat is also an excellent hangover cure.


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Krokette are deep-fried heaven—crisp and crispy. These little guys are an oblong form made of a beef and potato combination, breaded, and deep-fried. Please, yes. I need to get one in me before I leave the Netherlands.
I spot some kroketten at a stand not too far from me and point them out to my companions. One by one they grab them with their hands because we have no utensils on us, but I feel like this is part of the experience so I go for it with my fingers as well. We take turns taking bites out of the hot food that’s oozing in meaty juices from its shell before dipping it into the sweet mustard sauce that’s next to it on the table for some extra flavor.

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