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Deliciously Instagrammable: Taiyaki NYC Serves Up Traditional Japanese Desserts

Deliciously Instagrammable: Taiyaki NYC Serves Up Traditional Japanese Desserts

Taiyaki NYC, the latest sweet shop to hit New York City’s trendiest neighborhoods, has quickly become known as home of some of the most Instagrammable desserts in the Big Apple. However, Taiyaki serves up much more than just an aesthetically pleasing (and delicious) treat; it’s also serving up some interesting cultural lessons that can be learned from Taiyaki’s distinctive pastry. Keep reading to learn about this Japanese dessert favorite, and then make sure you visit Taiyaki NYC to try it for yourself!

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What is taiyaki?
Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese dessert consisting of a fish-shaped waffle, filled with sweet azuki bean paste. The pastry is then topped with either whipped cream or ice cream, and the whole thing is usually sprinkled with matcha powder. The name ‘taiyaki’ comes from the shape of the pastry which resembles a tai (fish) and yaki (grill). It’s unclear how old this particular dish is but it’s said to have originated in Japan in 1930 as a means for women to sell snacks at night markets during World War II. Today, taiyaki can be found at nearly any convenience store in Tokyo!

Where to find taiyaki in NYC
Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese dessert that has made its way to New York City. At Taiyaki NYC, you can find all of the traditional flavors of taiyaki like red bean, matcha, and strawberry. The exterior is typically shaped like a fish and filled with custard cream or red bean paste. It may be tempting to order one for each person in your group, but it’s best not to share because they are so delicious! A must-try at Taiyaki NYC is the donut taiyaki. Unlike other desserts on their menu, this one is baked instead of fried and tastes just as amazing.

How taiyaki was created
Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese dessert that’s shaped like a fish and filled with sweet red bean paste. A popular way to eat taiyaki is to fold it in half so the filling is visible, take a bite and then enjoy the extra-sweet red bean taste as it starts to drip out of the corner of your mouth. Taiyaki was first created in Tokyo, Japan by an elderly woman named Omra Shimaya. She created taiyaki because she wanted something easy to eat for those who had difficulty chewing due to oral health problems or just because they were really old and frail.

Why taiyaki is so popular
Taiyaki is a type of Japanese fish-shaped cake that is typically filled with sweet red bean paste, but can also be found in different flavors such as custard and chocolate. They are deep-fried until they achieve a crispy outside and soft inside. It’s no wonder taiyaki have become so popular – the pastry has the perfect ratio of crispiness to sweetness to provide just the right amount of crunch. Plus, it’s shaped like a fish!

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Where to eat authentic taiyaki outside of Japan
Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese dessert that has become popular in New York City. This sweet, fish-shaped treat is usually filled with a custard or red bean paste and topped off with an icing sugar or chocolate sauce. If you want to try authentic taiyaki without leaving the United States, head over to Taiyaki NYC in Flushing, Queens. Here, you can order your favorite flavor of taiyaki from a rotating selection of flavors such as matcha green tea, pandan coconut milk, strawberry cheesecake, mango curry and more. They also offer several flavors of the day for those who can’t choose just one! The hot liquid filling inside melts into a warm gooey consistency that will make you want another before you even finish your first bite.

Which other desserts are like taiyaki?
Taiyaki is a traditional Japanese dessert that can be found in many different variations. The dough is usually filled with anko (sweet red bean paste) or matcha (green tea), and then shaped into a fish shape. Other desserts that are similar to taiyaki include cheesecake, cannoli, and cream puffs.

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