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Congo: The Heart of African Beauty

Congo: The Heart of African Beauty

In central Africa, you’ll find the Democratic Republic of Congo, more commonly known as Congo. At twice the size of Texas, Congo is home to an incredible array of wildlife in some of Africa’s most beautiful national parks and reserves, including Virunga National Park, Salonga National Park and Kahuzi-Biega National Park. It’s an ideal destination for nature lovers who want to see some of the continent’s most diverse plant and animal species in their natural habitats.

Lomako-Yokokala Faunal Reserve
Located in the middle of Congo, Lomako-Yokokala Faunal Reserve is home to some of Africa’s most breathtaking national parks. With its deep rainforests and majestic mountain ranges, this is a place that never ceases to amaze visitors. In between the towering trees are a variety of wildlife ranging from chimpanzees to leopards. This reserve is home to one of the few remaining populations of bonobos, which are closely related to humans and are only found in Congo!

Okapi Wildlife Reserve
The Okapi Wildlife Reserve is home to the Congolese national animal, the elusive okapi. It is also one of Africa’s most scenic destinations with its lush forest and wetlands. These are perfect habitats for many endangered species such as the Congo peacock, forest hogs, black-and-white colobus monkeys, and more.

Salonga National Park
The Salonga National Park is one of the most popular destinations in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and for good reason. With over 10,000 hectares to explore and a diverse array of flora and fauna to discover, the park is a true treasure trove for nature lovers.
Visitors are greeted by lush rainforests, beautiful waterfalls, and abundant wildlife that includes monkeys, buffalo, hippopotamus’s, giraffes and elephants.

Kibira National Park

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One of the newest National Parks in Congo, Kibira National Park is home to the oldest living trees on Earth. As if that wasn’t enough, visitors can also enjoy a world class safari experience with elephants, giraffes, hippopotamuses and more. But there’s plenty to do even if you’re not interested in animal watching.

Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary

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Lola Ya Bonobo is home to more than 200 orphaned and abandoned bonobos who are rescued from the illegal pet trade. They not only provide a safe haven for these apes, but they also contribute to conservation efforts by rewilding orphaned bonobos through sustainable farming and education.

Kahuzi Biega National Park

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This park is unique in that it has the largest gorilla population in Central Africa. It also has the highest density of mountain gorillas in the world, with an estimated 70-80% living here.
The park has a wide variety of habitats ranging from lowland swamp forests to montane forests that are about 1000 meters high.

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