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Chile’s Glacial Beauty Will Knock You Off Your Feet

Chile’s Glacial Beauty Will Knock You Off Your Feet

Thanks to its mountainous landscape and proximity to the South Pole, Chile has an abundance of glaciers that get blanketed in snow every winter. It’s an undeniably stunning sight, and there’s no better way to take it in than by visiting the Torres del Paine National Park, which contains two spectacular glacial towers, the Cuernos del Paine (Horns of Paine). This mountainous national park encompasses more than 17 miles (27 kilometers) of breathtaking mountain scenery that you could only witness in the southernmost region of the world.

Grey Glacier

Image Source- TorresDelPaine

This tourist destination in the Southern Patagonian Ice Field has the distinction of Chile’s most picturesque glacier. The Grey Glacier empties into the same-named lake, and nearby boat cruises let you get up close and personal with its angular icebergs, which may grow to be 6 kilometres wide and more than 30 metres tall. Watch out for crevasses as you approach it on foot: they are as deep as 300 metres and can suddenly open under your feet.

Brüggen Glacier

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The longest glacier outside of Antarctica in the southern hemisphere is Brüggen, another magnificent glacier that is part of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. It is also referred to as Po XI Glacier and is one of the few glaciers in this region that have recorded expansion over the last century. There are a number of small lakes at the base of Brüggen that are fed by glacial melt water. Hiking across these landscapes are a wonderful way to enjoy nature and wildlife at its finest while still staying within a safe distance from the ice.

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San Rafael Glacier

Image source- Swoop Patagonia

One of Chile’s most magnificent natural beauties, Laguna San Rafael is mainly famous for the glacier that bears its name. The arc-shaped coastal lake that surrounds this piece of the Northern Patagonian Ice Field is equally as impressive as the glacier itself. Just a few miles from Punta Arenas, you’ll find yourself marveling at a breathtaking landscape, with majestic mountains rising to the sky and blue waters framing everything below. If you’re looking for solitude and reflection after all your travels in South America, it will be hard to beat this destination!

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