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Cheap Massages in Southeast Asia: Yes, They’re Really That Cheap

Cheap Massages in Southeast Asia: Yes, They’re Really That Cheap

An hour-long massage in Southeast Asia can be as cheap as $2, and that’s not even counting the infamous happy endings. But the money savings don’t stop there; you’ll also save major cash on accommodation, transportation, and other activities you might do while visiting Southeast Asia. In fact, the only thing that might cost more than it does at home are souvenirs to bring back to your friends and family. If you’re planning a trip to Southeast Asia, take advantage of these budget spa services and enjoy an affordable vacation this year!

Find One Near You

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If you’re looking for an affordable massage in Southeast Asia, there are plenty of options to choose from. In Thailand, for example, you can get a Thai massage for as little as $6 USD. And in Vietnam, a traditional Vietnamese massage will only set you back $5 USD. If you’re willing to spend a little more, you can get an oil massage for around $10 USD. So whether you’re on a budget or looking to splurge, there’s a massage option for you in Southeast Asia.

A Few Tips

If you want a cheap massage in Southeast Asia, head to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, or Laos.

In Thailand, massages start at around $6 an hour.

In Vietnam, you can get a massage for as little as $4 an hour.

In Cambodia, expect to pay around $5 an hour for a massage.

And in Laos, you can find massages for as little as $3 an hour!

Why Are They So Cheap?

In Southeast Asia, massages are incredibly cheap because the cost of living is relatively low. This means that massage therapists can charge less for their services without having to worry about making a living wage. Additionally, there are a lot of massage therapists competing for business, which drives prices down even further.

How Much Does it Cost?

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In Thailand, a one-hour traditional Thai massage costs around $6. In Vietnam, a one-hour foot massage costs $5. In Cambodia, a one-hour body massage costs $4.50. So yes, massages in Southeast Asia are really that cheap!

The Best Type of Massage for Stress Relief

If you’re looking for a cheap massage that will still provide stress relief, look no further than Southeast Asia. In countries like Thailand and Vietnam, you can get a quality massage for less than $10. And while the massages may not be as luxurious as those you’d find at a spa, they’ll still help you relax and de-stress.

The Most Relaxing Part about Getting a Thai Massage

Thai massages are incredibly relaxing, and part of what makes them so special is the price. In Thailand, you can get a one-hour massage for as little as $6 USD. That’s about a quarter of what you would pay for a massage in the States!

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