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Cardiff, Wales: Don’t Miss Out on These Awesome Hidden Gems

Cardiff, Wales: Don’t Miss Out on These Awesome Hidden Gems

If you’re visiting Cardiff, Wales any time soon, don’t miss out on these awesome hidden gems of the city! In this article, we’ll share with you some of our favorite places to visit if you want to get away from the crowds and experience Cardiff in a whole new way. Whether you want to be active or just relax and unwind, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy!

Insole Court

Image Source- Wales Online

Insole Court is a Gothic palace that was constructed in the 19th century for a local merchant named James Harvey Insole. It currently serves as a tourist destination and provides a wonderful experience because of its distinctive construction, interior furnishings, and substantial greenery. A virtual tour that recounts the dramatic version of the Insole family’s narrative is also available. Located close to Cardiff Castle, the King’s Head Hotel and The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery it’s worth taking a quick detour to see this architectural gem.

Ianto’s Shrine

Image Source- Basic Stuff Magazine

Pop culture aficionados must visit Ianto’s Shrine since it is such a fascinating location. It serves as a sort of tribute to Ianto Jones, a fictitious character from the well-liked BBC science fiction series Torchwood. In addition to poems, artwork, and other fan-made materials, the monument also includes a plaque remembering Ianto. His Torchwood coworker Jack Harkness has contributed to the shrine with several items. A replica of Ianto’s duffel bag, some clothes he had worn during his time at Torchwood, and even a love letter from him are among these items. Visitors are often moved by this experience with some people shedding tears upon leaving the area.

Cardiff Indoor Flea Market

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Image Source- TripAdvisor

The Cardiff Indoor Flea Market should not be missed if you enjoy finding unique and fantastic stuff. You may choose from a wide variety of mementos, antiques, silverware, vintage artefacts, odd artworks, and more here. It’s the ideal location to purchase items to bring back home. There are no shortage of stands that sell old books, records, comics, as well as other such collectibles.
Mostly offering foodstuffs such as baked goods and fresh produce, there are also a number of other stalls which sell traditional Welsh fare such as bara brith (bread soaked in fruit juices) or laverbread (made with oatmeal and seaweed).
There is plenty to see here that has been collected over the years at this flea market so don’t miss out!

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