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Can travel make you happier? We asked experts to weigh in

Can travel make you happier? We asked experts to weigh in

Whether you think that travel makes you happier or not, there’s no denying that vacations can be rejuvenating and fun, as well as educational and interesting in ways that aren’t always possible if you stay at home. But what if the answer to your questions about happiness isn’t in going someplace else? What if it’s right in front of you? We asked experts to weigh in on the link between travel and happiness, and they had some compelling answers—ones that have us thinking even more about where we might visit next time we take a break from our daily routines.

The top 10 places to travel are shown in the table below.
Las Vegas
New Orleans
San Francisco
Rio de Janeiro

Image Source- Would wide Hearts

Happiness is what vacations are for, right? So, according to a recent study, we now know exactly where to look for the happiest places.

The information was provided by Club Med, which studied the top 50 tourist locations worldwide. The tour operator looked at a range of aspects in each city, including its crime rate, pollution levels, beer prices, activities, day excursions, wellness facilities, and acceptance of LGBTQ+ people.

Balinese tourism took first place. Thanks to its abundance of spas and amazing outdoor activities, the Indonesian island has kept up its reputation as a terrific spot to unwind. And being stress-free must be the secret to happiness, right?

Las Vegas came in second because it offers more than 40 outdoor activities, making it the perfect location if you’re looking for adventure. Sin City is renowned for its many forms of entertainment, from live performances to casinos, and is quite safe.

Orlando, Florida, came third. Florida has been named one of American’s happiest states and there’s no shortage of reasons why that is true. The sun-drenched state offers plenty of activities, plus beautiful beaches on which to take it all in.

The sources below offer advice on 7 destinations that may be worth exploring if you’re on the search for happiness.

1. Vancouver, Canada

2. Tofino, British Columbia

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3. Bozeman, Montana

4. Toronto, Ontario 5. Portland, Oregon

6. Key West, Florida

7. San Francisco Bay Area 8. Queenstown, New Zealand

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