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Boston’s Most Unusual Museums

Boston’s Most Unusual Museums

Boston has some pretty well-known museums, like the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Science, but those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unusual museums in Boston. There are tons of quirky places around town where you can explore your interests (and satisfy your sense of wonder) without breaking the bank or getting in the way of your workday (because they’re kind of tucked away). Here are five unusual museums in Boston you have to visit before you die!

Museum Of Bad Art


Who said that to be appreciated, art must be good? The Museum of Bad Art, or MOBA, is a gallery that exhibits art that is unintelligible and is situated at the Somerville Theatre in Boston. Although it’s unlikely that you’ll find any masterpieces here, it’s interesting to wander through a museum that honours the work of young artists who are only trying their best. For those with an appreciation for kitsch and irony, this museum may be worth checking out. It also serves as a good place to take photos for social media sites like Instagram.

Museum Of Modern Renaissance

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When visiting Boston, you really must take a day trip to Somerville, which is home to numerous undiscovered attractions, like the Museum of Modern Renaissance. It will charm you with its vibrant paintings and extravagant artwork that transports you to another world. In this museum, contemporary art meets contemporary living in an effort to create a dialogue between tradition and innovation. The next time you’re in Boston or Somerville, make sure to stop by!

Warren Anatomical Museum

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A visit to Boston is incomplete if you don’t take some time to check out Harvard University. You can discover several museums on its premises, and you’ll especially enjoy Warren Anatomical Museum if you happen to be interested in medicine since it features a pretty impressive collection of anatomical and pathological specimens. If you’re not up for the walk, then just hop onto the bus! The bus will drop you off right at Harvard Square Station.

Museum of Russian Icons

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

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