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Amazing Architecture Around the World: A Virtual Tour

Amazing Architecture Around the World: A Virtual Tour

Have you ever wanted to tour the Great Wall of China? What about the Colosseum in Rome? Both magnificent structures, both must-sees if you’re lucky enough to travel there in real life. But what if you can’t? Well, Google Earth and YouTube have you covered with amazing virtual tours that allow you to explore these destinations and many more around the world—all from your computer!

Versailles Palace, France

Image Source- Lonely Planet

Although many individuals had to postpone their plans to travel to Paris this spring, you may still view the lovely Versailles Palace online by clicking on this link. The tour and many more things to discover are both accessible on the Google Arts & Culture website. The architecture of the palace is breathtaking and it’s a perfect spot for anyone who loves art and culture. Once inside, tourists can enjoy one of the most opulent palaces in all of Europe with everything from priceless paintings to stunning gardens with fountains galore. Finally, just be sure to pack your appetite because there are plenty of delicious food options available for purchase!

Walt Disney Concert Hall, California

Image Source- Dezeen

Frank Gehry, a Californian architect, created the Walt Disney Concert Hall, which just marked its 16th year. If you want to see every inch of this stunning edifice, you may take one of the many various virtual tours available here. These will help you explore the space with up-close views and an opportunity to move around in order to really feel as though you are there.
The place is a tourist destination not only because it is strikingly beautiful but also because it houses great acoustics and has seating for 2,265 people. The highly acclaimed theatre first opened its doors in 2003 after more than 20 years of work on the design process.

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Sydney Opera House

Image Source- Trip Advisor

You may now watch digital programming at the Sydney Opera House online, but you can also have a look at this virtual tour on the Google Arts & Culture page. If you happen to be visiting Sydney and would like to take a trip back in time, then head over to The Rocks area of town. Here, you’ll find remnants of what was once known as the heart of Sydney, including 18th-century cottages, 19th-century warehouses and 20th-century pubs that were all condemned for highrise development in the 1960s. But don’t fret—those lost buildings are now part of The Rocks Historic Precinct on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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