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Add New Artistic Twist to Your Reflection Pictures

Add New Artistic Twist to Your Reflection Pictures

Add New Creative Twist to Your Reflection Photos

I’ve all the time liked photographing reflections once I’m out capturing landscapes. Who doesn’t?

Reflections could make for such attention-grabbing topics, and there’s rather a lot you are able to do with them, except for the ultra-classic “good mirror picture” of the mountain scene reflecting within the lake that’s such a staple of this style.

Basically, reflection photographs permit us to juxtapose the “the wrong way up” with the “proper aspect up,” and there are many methods to method this. These are all pictures I’ve made throughout the final couple of weeks throughout my current journeys out to the glacier.

One in all my favourite strategies is to zoom in and slim down my composition, in order that each the reflection and the “proper aspect up” material are lowered to mere abbreviations that distinction and play off of one another within the body.

You’ll be able to take this to extremes in order that both the primary topic or the reflection find yourself as very small elements of the body. You’re together with simply sufficient to merely counsel this single abbreviated component, which creates a robust visible distinction between the 2 topic.

This additionally helps to extend the viewer’s personal creativeness and engagement with the picture, as a result of the “story” of the scene isn’t fairly so obvious. They need to work for it as they disseminate the shot and take a look at to determine precisely what’s occurring contained in the body.

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In different circumstances, you’re not creating a lot of a thriller, you’re merely together with a really small little bit of mirrored materials as a splash of “completely different” visible curiosity in an in any other case stragithward scene, as I’ve finished right here in the previous few photographs.

You’ll be able to add much more curiosity once you mix this with different compositional method like selective focus, shallow depth of area and the juxtaposition of opposing parts like heat and funky, close to and much, large and small, and many others…

Have enjoyable with this method as you’re out capturing this summer time, and search for methods which you can create intriguing reflection photographs that go behind the traditional “good reflection” motif.

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