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A Photo Tour of the Namib Desert’s Most Incredible Sites

A Photo Tour of the Namib Desert’s Most Incredible Sites

The Namib Desert stretches across Africa’s southwest coast, covering almost 80% of the country of Namibia and extending into parts of Angola, Botswana, and South Africa. Here are some amazing sights to see in this unique desert landscape.


Nestled between red and white sand dunes lies a surreal landscape. Thousands of feet in the air, Sossusvlei towers over one of the oldest landscapes on Earth. Mysterious yet alluring, it is easy to see why they call this place The Valley of Beautiful Death. The area offers a range of scenic attractions – from simple but elegant viewpoints to sweeping panoramas which show off what it means to be elevated above the world.

Skeleton Coast

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The Skeleton Coast, stretching from the Swakopmund region all the way to Angola, has long been known for its vast stretches of dunes, stark desert landscape and as an internationally recognized wildlife haven. Despite being one of Africa’s most spectacular destinations for travelers who yearn to experience extraordinary natural beauty, this remote area is only accessible by plane or with a heavy four-wheel drive vehicle.


To reach Spitzkoppe, we have to leave our vehicle at Erongo Mountain Hotel and cross a small bridge that spans the mountain’s little creek. From there, we go up the rocks, crossing a number of trails with signs warning us not to go into elephant or hyena territory. The climb takes roughly 45 minutes if you take a leisurely pace.

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Welwitschia Mirabilis

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The first of these that I came across was a huge group of these plant specimens known as Welwitschia Mirabilis. This is one plant you would never want to get lost in! They are extremely dense, and it can take days for someone to go through. In all my wanderings, I never saw two exactly alike. Once planted and fully grown, their leaves last for decades with no signs of stopping.

Fish River Canyon

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The Fish River Canyon is one of the most scenic attractions in Africa. This dramatic structure, featuring ravines and cliffs as deep as 3,000 feet, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The canyon was carved by the world’s second largest river (only after South America’s Amazon) and stretches 148 miles long. To visit this amazing place in Africa you should plan your trip during the dry season between May and October; an entire day can be dedicated to exploring this natural wonder

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