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A Look into the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A Look into the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Museum of Tomorrow has just opened in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and it’s truly something special. It’s one of the first buildings in the world that’s actually meant to be fully powered by renewable energy, but that’s not even its most notable feature. The museum isn’t designed to fit into the city around it, but rather to rise up from and integrate with the ocean surrounding Rio de Janeiro.

About Museu do Amanhã
The Museu do Amanhã or Museum of Tomorrow is a futuristic museum that introduces visitors to new technologies, designs and ideas about what the future might be like. The building was designed by Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and officially opened its doors on April 7th. It features a helical staircase that extends several floors up and has connected meeting rooms at different levels as well as an outside area for events.

Design Inspiration and Objectives
The museum is being designed with inspiration from the past and hope for a sustainable future. The museum features six different paths: Energy, Waste and Environment; Urban Development; Farming, Industry and Society; Science and Knowledge; Health and Life; and Transportations. More than just an attraction that displays pieces from around the world, the new museum will encourage visitors to create their own understanding of these paths by providing experiences that can be experienced hands-on or through interactive technologies.

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How it Works
The museum showcases technologies and innovations from both the present and future. The goal is to inspire creativity and a sense of hope. The building has an asymmetrical design that reflects a dynamic process, with a facade that morphs as you walk around it. It also features what’s known as an energy-pumping atrium designed to induce calm and optimism with warm colors and natural light coming through sunroofs lining its interior wall.

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Next Steps
The museum stands to be a major hub for learning about new discoveries and an ambitious experiment in how cities can change. It will function as a research institution, science museum, discussion forum and cultural center. The goal is to create an environment that can change society.
This unique project seeks to provide citizens of the world with access to a city’s best ideas -all under one roof- while also offering discourse on sensitive subjects such as climate change and technological progress.

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