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A Hidden Gem in Florence, Italy: The Cultured City

A Hidden Gem in Florence, Italy: The Cultured City

What do you think of when you hear Italy? Most people think of pizza and pasta, or maybe the Colosseum in Rome. While those are certainly things to see while visiting Italy, there’s another city you should visit on your trip to Italy that will surprise and delight you with its cultural offerings – the Cultured City of Florence! The first thing you’ll notice about Florence is that it’s full of art and culture everywhere you look! If you want to learn more about Florence, check out our helpful travel guide here!

Plenty of Attractions

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The first thing you need to know is that there are a lot more attractions in Florence than you may think. Florence, the capital of Tuscany in Italy, is home to a remarkable collection of Renaissance artwork, including sculptures, paintings, and architectural works.Speaking about architecture, the Duomo, a church designed and constructed by Italian architect Filippo Brunelleschi, is without a doubt Florence’s most recognisable landmark. Michelangelo’s sculpture of “David” is really another significant piece of art to see in Florence and is located at the Galleria dell’Accademia.

Relaxing Vibes

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But Florence is unique for another reason in addition to all of its spectacular attractions: it is quaint. Walking through Rome gives you the impression that everything is enormous. But Florence has a much more subdued intensity, and that’s where its enchantment rests. You can cover a lot of the city on foot in a single evening, and while you do so, you’ll experience a calming atmosphere that’s difficult not to fall in love with. Sit down at an outside table of a café and drink your espresso with gelato; take your time browsing at one of the many clothing stores lining the streets; stop by an ice cream shop or two and indulge in some homemade gelato as well.

See Also

food and drink in Florence

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Eating and drinking are an important part of any visit to Florence. From the classic dishes like bistecca fiorentina (grilled beefstevere) or ribollita (bread soup), to some of the more unusual dishes like lampredotto (tripe) or panzanella salad, there is no shortage of mouth-watering food to try.
Florence is also known for its wines – Chianti Classico being one of the most popular varieties. Some wine enthusiasts may be interested in trying a Brunello di Montalcino as well.
For those looking for something sweet after their meal, gelato from Giolitti – a favorite among locals and tourists alike – is a must!

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