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A Glimpse into French Guiana: What Every Tourist Should Know

A Glimpse into French Guiana: What Every Tourist Should Know

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French Guiana, an overseas region of France located on the northeastern coast of South America, offers one of the most unique and untouched travel experiences you can have in South America. French Guiana has a long history with the slave trade; however, nowadays, it’s known for its diverse culture and natural beauty. Make sure to read up on these things you should know before visiting French Guiana as a tourist!

Being close to Cayenne is best

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Cayenne offers all the amenities and services you may need. The same cannot be said for most other parts of French Guiana, which is why you should stay close to Cayenne. The city has a large number of tourist attractions, making it an ideal destination for tourists.

September and October are ideal times to visit

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A tropical climate in French Guiana causes prolonged periods of rain which can make a visit there a bit of a nightmare. Visit in September or October to avoid this. Rain is scarce, and the weather is still pleasant and warm. Insects are at their least active during these months, meaning you don’t have to worry about mosquitos and malaria-carrying mosquitoes as much. Food prices are lower as well because many crops from Europe haven’t arrived yet.

You can expect All Things France

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It will feel as if you are in France, and that’s not wrong at all. The official language is French, and Euro is the official currency. Furthermore, the entry rules are the same, so U.S. citizens can visit the territory without a visa. In fact, there are two airports that receive direct flights from Paris–which happens to be the capital of France. To top it off, food options may also seem familiar to any visitor who has been to Europe before; expect cheese on toast for breakfast and croissants for lunch or dinner.

Amazing food

The food alone is probably the reason you should visit French Guiana at least once. You can expect a few pounds more when you return home due to the mix of cultures and influences. French Guiana offers its own type of creole cuisine, which has roots in Haitian, Brazilian, African, Indian, Creole, European and American dishes. Whether it’s Brazilian samba music or Haitian voodoo ceremonies that you’re looking for, there are lots of options to choose from!

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