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A Glimpse into Boston’s Vibrant Culture

A Glimpse into Boston’s Vibrant Culture

Boston has always been known as a city steeped in tradition, culture, and history. From the Freedom Trail to the First Thanksgiving, from Fenway Park to The Improv Boston, there are plenty of attractions here that keep visitors coming back again and again. If you’re planning on visiting Boston or live here and haven’t seen all that this city has to offer you yet, then here is your complete guide to experiencing the many facets of Bostonian culture so that you can understand why they call it Beantown.

Freedom Trail
Follow this 2.5-mile brick path through Boston’s city centre to see 16 infamous American Revolutionary War landmarks. The route of the walk passes by political, religious, and museum monuments that document the key moments in the contemporary United States’ creation. Highlights include a trip past Park Street Church, where George Washington worshipped on his first visit to Boston; a stroll through Charlestown where the Battle of Bunker Hill took place; a climb up Copp’s Hill Burying Ground which overlooks colonial Salem; and lastly, lunch at historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace before returning back to Beacon Hill.

Museum of Fine Arts
This is a must-see if you enjoy art. The museum, which is the first cultural institution in Boston, also has the biggest collection of works by French Impressionists outside of Paris. Ir also hosts exhibits of pieces from the ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian artists. If you’re interested in Asian art, be sure to visit the Chinese and Japanese galleries. There are always new exhibitions happening at the MFA so check their website for more information!

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum
The dumping of the tea is one of the most well-known events in American history, and it is shown in this multisensory living history experience. To experience one of the most significant turning points in modern history, board the restored ships of the era and take part with live-action roleplayers. Afterward, enjoy a cup of British high tea at the Tea Party Café.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum and Library
One of the most well-known presidents of the United States is profiled at this museum. The history of the Kennedy family, the Space Race, and Kennedy’s political career are traced through a combination of archives, exhibitions, and video.
Special exhibits allow patrons to interact with Kennedy memorabilia and explore topics such as space exploration, civil rights, and presidential assassination. JFK was a prolific writer and over half a million pieces of paper featuring his handwriting are archived here. Only three other presidents have their own presidential libraries in the United States: George H.W. Bush in Texas, Ronald Reagan in California, and Herbert Hoover in Iowa. Each library features an exhibit on their life and times that is open to visitors at no cost.

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North End

One of the oldest residential neighbourhoods in Boston, North End is known as “Little Italy” and is home to a sizeable Italian-American community. It was first populated in the 1630s. The energetic atmosphere of Italy is brought to Boston’s city core by North End. There is a huge number of delicious Italian dishes to choose from here, ranging from pizza and pasta to gelato. And of course, you can’t leave Little Italy without ordering an espresso or cappuccino at one of its numerous cafes. You’ll be surprised by how much you enjoy visiting Little Italy as much as you will

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