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A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to the World’s Best Chocolate Factories

A Chocolate Lover’s Guide to the World’s Best Chocolate Factories

There’s hardly anything better than a bite of decadent chocolate to cheer you up when you’re feeling down and in need of something sweet. If you enjoy chocolate as much as we do, you might find the numerous chocolate factories throughout the world’s production processes to be fascinating. These are some of the best chocolate manufacturers in the world, if that’s something that interests you.

Maison Cailler – Gruyère, Switzerland

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Come on over to this lovely Swiss city where you may have a factory tour of this renowned chocolate mecca. While the chocolatiers explain the many steps involved in turning cocoa beans into genuine chocolate, you will get the chance to handle the cocoa beans in your hands. Naturally, you’ll also get to sample some real chocolate afterwards. Be sure to take note of the stunning architecture that surrounds you as well as the four consecutive stone arches that lead up to the main entrance. You can’t miss it!

Stettler Chocolate Factory – Geneva, Switzerland

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When you visit Stettler Chocolate Manufacturer, a different Swiss factory, you can select from a large range of programmes. You can get a history lesson on chocolate, learn how to create some beautiful chocolate, and, of course, taste some as you leave. This company not only produces chocolates but also sells them too! They even offer up gift boxes with products that come from their own kitchen and chocolatier workshops. What more could a chocolate lover want?

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Mast Brothers Chocolate – Brooklyn, New York, United States

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Mast Brothers Chocolate is located in Brooklyn, New York’s hip Williamsburg district. The business is owned by two brothers, Michael and Rick Mast, and in recent years it has gained popularity among travellers seeking out unusual and hidden attractions. They provide both conventional chocolate and some intriguing artisanal tastes. In addition to its boutique store on North 3rd Street, there are additional Mast Brothers locations on nearby Driggs Avenue and in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass).
It takes up to four hours for one of their batches of chocolate bars or other treats to be made from start to finish – that includes roasting cocoa beans, grinding them into a paste, tempering them with pure cane sugar (from nearby cane fields), assembling the finished product, packaging it up and then shipping it off.

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