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8 Reasons to Never Leave Home Without Duct Tape

8 Reasons to Never Leave Home Without Duct Tape

When packing for your next trip, never leave home without packing duct tape. You might be wondering why it’s an important addition to your suitcase, but when you see these 8 reasons, you’ll be glad you have it along. From preventing blisters to patching holes, here are the many reasons to never leave home without duct tape!

1) Packing duct tape will save your suitcase
Tape is a must-have when packing for any trip. When you’re preparing your suitcase, don’t forget to pack duct tape – it can help fix ripped clothes, protect your valuables from the elements, and even patch up a flat tire!

2) Use it on your shoes
If you’re traveling somewhere that might require you to hike or walk long distances, duct tape can come in handy. By taping the soles of your shoes, you can reduce the chances of blisters or hot spots on your feet.

3) Strap duct tape around luggage
Duct tape is a versatile, must-have tool that can help in just about any situation. It is also lightweight, which means it will not add too much weight to your luggage.
If you are looking for other ways to carry this lifesaving material, strap some duct tape around the handles of your luggage or backpack. This way you will always have it with you when you need it most and won’t have to worry about forgetting it at home!

4) Use it as a bag tie
If you’re going on a camping trip or hiking, you should always bring a roll of ductp tape with you. It can be used for so many things, such as making a fire, to patching up clothes and tents when they get ripped, but the most important use is fixing your shoes. You never know when you’ll need it!

5) Wrap it around your phone cord
Duct tape can be used for a variety of things when you’re traveling, from fixing a broken zipper to bandaging a cut. I like to pack duct tape in my suitcase because it’s one of those things that has so many uses and can come in handy at any time. It’s also really lightweight so I don’t have to worry about adding on extra weight in my carry-on.

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6) Use it to fix clothing
Fix a hole in your shirt by placing a piece of duct tape over the hole and then taping it to the back of the shirt. This will hold until you get home and can make a more permanent fix with needle and thread.

7) Fix furniture or electronics at your destination
If you’re not sure if you should pack duct tape when you travel, here are a few reasons why it will be your best friend. You never know when a broken button or loose hinge might come in handy, and duct tape is the perfect item for quick fixes.

8) Stop bleeding with duct tape
The first and most important use for duct tape is to stop bleeding. Whether it’s a papercut, a minor wound, or an emergency situation, if you have some duct tape handy you can get the bleeding under control. If nothing else this will give you time to find help or get medical attention.
Duct tape can also act as a tourniquet which can be especially useful in life-threatening situations where someone has lost too much blood from an injury.

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