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5 Go-To Cafes For When You Need To Get Work Done On The Go

5 Go-To Cafes For When You Need To Get Work Done On The Go

If you’re anything like me, working from home just isn’t an option on days when you have important work to complete. No matter how much I love my cozy living room and comfy bed, it’s just not where I’m going to get the most work done in the shortest amount of time. So where do I go? I head over to one of these five go-to cafes for when you need to get work done on the go!

Getting it together
Work doesn’t always happen at your desk. With a little bit of prep and forethought, you can always find a place to get stuff done on the go. These five cafes around L.A. are some of our favorite places to get work done when we’re in between appointments or meetings and need an outside workspace that’s not our home office!

Finding a place with good Wi-Fi
Good wifi is the most important thing when you’re looking for a place to work on the go. Coffee shops that offer free or super cheap wifi are plentiful in every corner of this town, so getting connected shouldn’t be an issue. But as with all things, not all places have reliable internet connections. I’ve found that cafes with full tables often have better service than those just with one or two people sitting at a laptop–ask if you’re in doubt!

Preparing ahead of time
When you’re at work or school, sometimes it’s hard to find a minute to stop and grab a coffee. But with most cafes boasting free Wi-Fi these days, they’re an ideal place to do some concentrated work when you need it most. Keep this list in your pocket when your deadlines are coming up and don’t forget your charger.

Getting in the zone
It’s a good idea to find a cafe that you love and can call your go-to when you need to get work done on the go. The key is to find one that’s been vetted, where the coffee is consistent and tasty, the lighting is right for you, and there are enough available seats (or power outlets) to work comfortably. There are a ton of great cafes in the Boston area (including Quincy Street), so this shouldn’t be too hard!

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