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5 Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss in Croatia

5 Experiences You Shouldn’t Miss in Croatia

Croatia’s nickname of the Pearl of the Adriatic seems like a pretty big understatement when you look at this gorgeous country’s coastline. Of course, there’s more to Croatia than just beautiful beaches; experience its rich culture and natural beauty with one of these seven experiences you shouldn’t miss in Croatia.

Go on a Sailing Excursion

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One of the most beautiful places on earth may be the Adriatic Sea. What could be a better way to take in such sights than from a sailboat? Its crystal-clear seas are studded with more than 1,000 islands. There are many organisations that provide one-day sailing vacations, including The Day Sail. They offer private and shared tours departing from Split and Dubrovnik. A private tour costs around €195 per person (excluding taxes), while a shared tour costs €150 per person (excluding taxes). Tourists should have their passports ready when arriving at the port as they will need to show them for security purposes before boarding.

Visit Diocletian’s Palace

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This historic palace, which now makes up almost half of Split’s old city, was constructed for the Roman emperor in the fourth century AD. The palace is open to visitors without charge, however some of its structures require tickets to enter. This imposing building became one of the most important fortresses on the Adriatic Sea coast and was a key element in defending Rome from invasions. Entry is free, but you’ll need to pay extra if you want to go inside certain buildings. There are also tours that take place daily and can be booked online or at a ticket office at the palace’s entrance.

Explore Krka National Park

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Anyone who like being outside should go to Krka National Park, which has 7 waterfalls, wonderful hiking paths, and landscapes fit for a screensaver. We advise purchasing tickets in advance, particularly in the summer when the park is busiest. While exploring, remember that most of the trails are closed during winter because they can become unsafe or impassable due to ice and snow. The park opens at 8am every day but closes at 5pm during winter (November through March). Finally, it costs an additional 25 kuna (~$3) to enter Krka National Park with a motor vehicle so plan accordingly.

See Also


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The first stop to make when visiting Zagreb should be the historic Upper Town or Gornji Grad. The Upper Town is home to many attractions such as the Cathedral of Saint James, which was built by Dominicans in the 13th century; The Chapel of St Catherine on Gornje Jelenje Street, which was designed by Ivan Rabuzin; and The Sacred Heart Church on Gornji Grad Square, which is one of the most outstanding examples of Baroque architecture in Europe.


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  1. Snorkeling – The water is clean, clear, and relatively warm so snorkeling is a great way to explore the underwater world of the Adriatic. 2. Sunbathing – Croatia has some of the best beaches in Europe with plenty of golden sand and turquoise water for sunbathers to enjoy. 3. Hiking – For those who like to get off the beaten track, there are plenty of beautiful walking trails to explore, including one that leads up to the top of Mt Sljeme, home to Zagreb’s most iconic peak.
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