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5 Essentials You Need for Your Next International Trip

5 Essentials You Need for Your Next International Trip

Have you been dreaming of taking an international trip? The chance to travel to new places and meet interesting people is rewarding in itself, but there are also many practical reasons why you should consider packing your bags and heading abroad soon. Whether you’re traveling with colleagues or family, these five essentials will help make your next international trip easier and more enjoyable.

1) Universal Adapter
The universal adapter is an invaluable tool to have when traveling abroad. Not only does it allow you to plug in your devices, but it also has two USB ports so you can charge devices like your phone and tablet at the same time. This handy gadget can be found at most retailers, and will set you back about $20.

2) Eye Mask and Earplugs
If you’re a light sleeper or easily disturbed by outside noise, it’s worth investing in an eye mask and earplugs to help you sleep on long-haul flights. You can find these items cheaply at most drugstores and they’ll be your best friend during those long hours on the plane.

3) Portable Phone Charger
In my opinion, the most important item to have on hand is a portable phone charger. This is especially true if you are traveling in the developing world where there’s often no electricity available. When you need to charge your phone and there’s no power outlet in sight, it can feel like a cruel twist of fate. To avoid this problem, invest in a portable phone charger that will allow you to plug into any electrical outlet with an adapter plug.

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4) Water Bottle
One essential that is often overlooked, but is essential nonetheless, is a water bottle. The water in countries outside of the US may not be safe to drink, so it’s important to stay hydrated while traveling. Plus, carrying your own water bottle will save you money in the long run because buying bottled water when you’re out and about can get pricey.

5) Lightweight Jacket
A lightweight jacket is a must-have. It’s easy to pack, and will help keep you warm in a variety of climates. Don’t leave home without it! Consider layering your lightest pieces with a thicker sweater or vest if traveling somewhere colder. Hat: No one wants to get sunburnt while traveling, so be sure to bring a hat and plenty of sunscreen with you. If the climate is more temperate, consider packing an umbrella instead. Sunglasses: There are few things worse than squinting your way through the airport terminal because of the glare on all those windows!

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