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3 Spine-Chilling Gothic Churches You Need to See in Prague

3 Spine-Chilling Gothic Churches You Need to See in Prague

No list of the world’s greatest Gothic churches would be complete without mentioning those in Prague, Czech Republic. This Eastern European city has been home to some of the most renowned religious structures since the 11th century, when the first church was built there after the arrival of Prince Vratislav II in 1004 AD. Since then, many more have been built, including three Gothic churches that are not to be missed by anyone traveling through the area. Here are just some of the places that you must see as you walk through Prague!

St. Vitus Cathedral

The Cathedral of St. Vitus is one of the most iconic landmarks in all of Prague and it’s easy to see why. The cathedral is a stunning example of gothic architecture and you can’t help but marvel at the towering spires, gorgeous stained glass windows, and intricate statues that adorn the outside of the building.

Church of Our Lady Before Týn

The Church of Our Lady Before Týn is one of the most beautiful churches that you will see in Prague. It was originally a Romanesque church with a Baroque exterior, but when it was destroyed by fire it was rebuilt as a Gothic church. This makes for an amazing contrast and allows for some stunning interior artistry, like the statue of Saint John Nepomuk on the main altar.

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Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul

The Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul is a very popular church in Prague because it’s one of the few left that survived World War II without any damage. This amazing Gothic church was built by Jan Parler between 1344 and 1352, and it’s one of the largest churches in the Czech Republic. Visitors can explore the museum inside which houses many important artifacts from Czech culture, including stained glass windows that were crafted by famed artist Josef Mánes.

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