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3 Rome landmarks you won’t want to miss!

3 Rome landmarks you won’t want to miss!

Rome, the capital of Italy, boasts iconic landmarks you won’t want to miss. For instance, you may be tempted to visit the Colosseum, but if that’s all you see, you will be missing out on some truly memorable sights! The Pantheon and Trevi Fountain are both incredible sites to visit in Rome. And with so many other great attractions in Rome, like the Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica, there’s no way you can leave without seeing them all!

The Colosseum

Image Source- National Geographic Society

The magnificent Colosseum is a fantastic sight to see when in Rome. It may sound savage, but the enormous edifice where gladiators allegedly competed for the amusement of others is still an amazing historical site. A perfect view of the ruins will take your breath away as you imagine what it must have been like to live in ancient times. There are also other remnants from that era such as the Arch of Constantine and Forum Romanum which are worth exploring too. In addition, there’s something about ancient buildings that makes them beautiful even if they’re crumbling down – just look at Hagia Sophia or the Acropolis! Finally, keep your eyes peeled for colorful graffiti on these buildings because art lovers can find some stunning street art.

The Vatican

Image Source- Youtube

The Vatican City is a must-see if you have the time, but it will take more time than any of these three places. You should concentrate on visiting here if you have a high respect for Popes, Cardinals, and anything related to Roman Catholicism. It’s worth seeing for yourself, but we’re not going to go into detail about what there is to see at this landmark. It’s just too big!

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The Pantheon

Image Source- Planet ware

It was originally constructed as a temple in AD 118-128. The construction is of brick faced with white travertine and adorned with some of the most beautiful and dramatic reliefs, coffered ceilings and architectural sculpture ever seen. Many statues from the Pantheon’s pediment were removed by Pope Gregory XIII (around 1572) to decorate his new Basilica on the Campidoglio, where they can still be seen today. The facade of the Pantheon has remained unchanged since antiquity.

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