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3 Italian Desserts You Didn’t Know You Were Missing Out On

3 Italian Desserts You Didn’t Know You Were Missing Out On

Gelato might be one of the most famous Italian desserts, but it’s certainly not the only one worth trying when you’re in Italy. Here are three other desserts that you should definitely try while in Italy – they’re unique, flavorful, and much less common than gelato.


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Cannoli are available at certain Italian bakeries across the country, but nothing compares to an original straight from Italy. Cannoli, which means tubes of fried dough filled with sweetened ricotta cream, come in two variations. Usually the ends are dipped in chopped pistachios or chocolate chips.


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An Italian-American delicacy referred to as lobster tails in English, sfogliatelle literally means small, thin leaves in Italian. The pastry is made of layers of pastry and filled with ricotta cream and orange peel. You will find them all around the country, but they are most common in Naples.


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Italian cuisine has its own version of a dessert based on fried dough, like most global cuisines. Typically, zeppoles are filled with custard cream or jelly, although sweet ricotta-filled zeppoles can also be found in some places.

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