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3 American Travel Destinations You Didn’t Know You Needed to Visit

3 American Travel Destinations You Didn’t Know You Needed to Visit

Just because it’s spring break doesn’t mean you have to take off to some tropical island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. There are plenty of beautiful travel destinations closer to home, and that’s what we’re focusing on today with these three American travel destinations you didn’t know you needed to visit before you die. You can get there by land or by air, but either way, your mind will be opened up to new possibilities after visiting any one of these American travel destinations (in no particular order).

Taos Pueblo — New Mexico

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In addition to being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Taos Pueblo in New Mexico is also the location of a Native American village that dates back more than a thousand years. The whole point of coming here is to witness how history influences the present, plus you can eat some very great local cuisine. Zion National Park — Utah: Though Zion National Park doesn’t have the most impressive collection of natural landmarks, it does have an astounding amount of plant and animal life. Plus, there are plenty of beautiful hikes through winding slot canyons. For example, Angels Landing is both harrowing and breathtaking at the same time. And don’t forget about Cedar Breaks National Monument — this place has some pretty amazing views for all seasons!

Crestone — Colorado

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If you consider yourself to be spiritual, you might feel compelled to travel to Crestone, Colorado. This mountain community is recognised for housing a Hindu temple, a Zen centre, several Christian churches, numerous Tibetan centres, as well as clothing-optional hot springs and a wildlife sanctuary. Come for whatever your pleasure: to unwind, change, or experience the light. The scenery alone will knock your socks off!

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The Wave — Arizona

Image Source- National Geographic Kids

This one is for those of you who enjoy taking in the beauty of the natural world. When you really witness The Wave, you won’t even believe it. Even in person, it’s one of those natural sandstone formations that appears to have been photo-shopped, yet it’s really genuine. You must definitely experience it for yourself. Antelope Canyon — Arizona: Known as one of the best places to see Navajo Indian artistry, Antelope Canyon features large stone columns which were created by wind and water erosion. These ancient geological features are what give this canyon its otherworldly look and feel.

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