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3 Amazing Museums Every Sports Fan Should Visit in Switzerland

3 Amazing Museums Every Sports Fan Should Visit in Switzerland

Let’s face it: Some people just aren’t into museums, no matter how amazing they are. If you’re one of these people, Switzerland might not be the best place to travel to if you’re looking to satisfy your cultural cravings. However, even if you have little interest in art or historical objects, Switzerland has a lot to offer in terms of sports memorabilia and cultural experiences! Here are three museums any sports fan should visit in Switzerland!

FIFA Museum

Image Source- Zurich Tourism

The FIFA headquarters are located in Zürich, thus it only seems sense for this city to have a museum dedicated to this football organisation. The original FIFA World Cup Trophy and more than a thousand other artefacts from the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women’s World Cup are kept in the FIFA Museum. There is also an exhibition on why soccer is loved around the world as well as a hall of fame honouring legends of the game. A visit to this museum is a must-do for any soccer fan or anyone who wants to learn about one of the most popular sports in the world. It may be small but there’s plenty of fascinating content here.

House Of Basketball

Image Source- Millz House

The little hamlet of Mies, close to Geneva, is home to House Of Basketball, which is absolutely worth the journey. It has an 8,500 square metre parcel of land with views of Lake Geneva, but the Naismith Arena, which serves as an exhibition area with more than 40,000 artefacts depicting basketball’s history and culture, is its major attraction. One can walk through it in a matter of minutes, but it is crammed with so much detail that you will want to spend hours here. From the early days when James Naismith invented the game in 1891 at a YMCA camp on the shores of New England’s Lake Winona up until today’s NBA stars like Stephen Curry and LeBron James, everything is covered – uniforms, trophies, medals and even equipment like balls, backboards and hoops.

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Olympic Museum

Image Source- Time Out

The largest Olympic Games museum in the world, with over 10,000 objects on its grounds, is located in Lausanne. It includes an Olympics Park full of several sculptures inspired by various sports and explores the history of the Olympics from its ancient Greek beginnings to the present. At the Center for Olympism and Sport Sciences, you can explore interactive exhibits about every aspect of training for the Olympics-even virtual reality games that let you try out a biathlon! The first ever Winter Youth Olympic Games were held here in 2017.

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