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11 Temple Prasad You Should Style In India

11 Temple Prasad You Should Style In India

Stone Carved Bowl at Odisha Temples

Temple Prasad is the divine meals that you just get in temples throughout India. It’s the meals that we provide to the deity, who blesses it merely by coming in touch with the meals. When supplied it’s known as Naivaidayam and as soon as supplied it turns into the divine prasad.

There are numerous various kinds of Prasad supplied in several temples. The meals supplied is as per the deity’s selection. It additionally is dependent upon the area the place the temple is – our deities actually devour the native meals.

Temple Prasad from India

Include me to really feel the bliss of temple prasad throughout India.

Mahaprasad at Jagannath Puri

Puri is the Anna Kshetra of Jagannath. It’s meant to be a spot the place God himself involves eat. No marvel then that the Jagannath Puri kitchen is the largest kitchen on the planet. It additionally makes use of the standard technique to prepare dinner in contemporary clay pots day-after-day utilizing the water from two wells inside the temple premises.

Khaja a crispy candy dish

The meals cooked is a complete meal that’s cooked by the Brahmins or Sevayats of the temple. Nonetheless, it’s believed that the Mahalakshmi – the consort of the Jagannath herself seems to be over the kitchen. The prasad is first supplied to Jagannath after which it turns into Prasad. It’s then supplied to Mahalakshmi, after which it turns into Mahaprasad.

You may go to the kitchen within the morning to see the cooking. Later within the day you possibly can go to Anand Bazaar and get the prasad which incorporates rice, daal, greens, and many sweets. The truth is, individuals in and round Puri take the temple meals for any capabilities at their properties.

To take house, dry objects like Khaja are packed in neatly carved palm leaf packing containers.

Tirupati Laddu

Who doesn’t like Laddus from Tirupati Balaji? It’s a distinctive Laddu with its personal GI tag that each Balaji devotee craves. Although it’s fabricated from the identical substances that many laddus are fabricated from – Gram Flour, Ghee, Sugar, Nuts and Spices, its secret ingredient is the devotion that goes into it. In any case, it’s made to be supplied to Venkateshwara – the one who lives on Tirumala hills.

Made in lakhs inside the temple precincts, every laddu weighs about 200 gms and is obtainable to devotees after they’ve visited the temple. The style is divine and the phrase – you simply can’t have one, appears to be written for it. No marvel individuals not simply eat but in addition decide up for taking it again house with them.

Makhan Mishri at Krishna Temples

Krishna’s childhood tales are filled with his fondness for Makhan or butter. There may be ample poetry speaking about his stealing the butter after which his naughty exchanges together with his mom Yashoda. So, it’s pure that his temples supply Makhan alongside Mishri as Prasad.

Mishri Prasad from Braj
Mishri Prasad from Braj

This prasad is normally supplied within the mornings as Krishna likes to eat Makhan within the morning. Many Krishna temples supply Makhan Mishri prasad however I bear in mind two temples the place I’ve had it very fondly. The primary one is the well-known Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan – the very land the place Krishna lived as a teenager.  Second is the Dwarkadhish temple in Dwarka – the golden metropolis that he constructed on the west coast.

I bear in mind asking for a number of helpings as I liked consuming the freshly churned butter with a little bit of sweetness of Mishri. Even right this moment I’m grateful to the beneficiant girl who was distributing the prasad that day.

Dried Apple in Vaishno Devi Temple Prasad

Vaishno Devi sits on prime of Trikuta Parvat, close to Jammu. In North India, her’s is probably the most visited shrine. They are saying you go to her solely whenever you get her ‘Bulawa’ or name. I’m but to get that decision regardless of dwelling within the neighborhood many instances. Nonetheless, I’ve been lucky sufficient to obtain the prasad from Ma Vaishno Devi many instances.

Dried Apple
Dried Apple, Picture courtesy Shutterstock

You get Murmura or puffed rice, Ilaichidana or sugar balls, some dry fruits and sun-dried apples. Dried apples are distinctive to the prasad of Ma Vaishno Devi. They final for a very long time, so you possibly can take them again house, and hold them for individuals you might meet after a while. In addition they carry the essence of the apple-growing area across the temple. For me, they carry a number of childhood recollections.

Lal Peda at Sankat Mochan Temple in Kashi

The well-known Hanuman temple was constructed by Goswami Tulsidas ji, who’s the writer of not simply Ramcharitmanas but in addition Hanuman Chalisa – probably the most chanted verses to Hanuman. It’s mentioned that he noticed Hanuman ji right here and later constructed a temple. The temple is dominated by monkeys.

Lal Pedha near Sankat Mochan Mandir in Varanasi
Lal Pedha close to Sankat Mochan Mandir in Varanasi

There are two sorts of prasad which can be extremely popular right here – one is Besan Ke Laddu and the second is Lal Peda. You may see a row of retailers on both facet of the highway resulting in the temple. My favourite is Lal Peda – it has a singular style of well-roasted milk. Different widespread pedas in fact are Mathura Peda in Braj and Dharwad Peda in Karnataka.

Kadha Prasad at Gurudwaras

I grew up in Chandigarh and round. Visiting Gurudwaras was part of our routine. As children we regarded ahead to the Kadha Prasad. The wheat halwa dripped in pure desi ghee tastes like heaven. We’d prolong one hand after which one other to obtain an additional serving to of Kadha.

Kadha Prasad from Gurudrawas
Kadha Prasad from Gurudrawas, Picture courtesy Shutterstock

Although probably the most well-known prasad is on the Langar in Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, you get the blissful Kadha prasad at most Gurudwaras. In some way you possibly can by no means get the identical style at house although the recipe is fairly widespread and substances restricted. In all probability the style of divine blessings will get added to it.

Tuesday Bundi at Hanuman Mandirs

In North India, visiting Hanuman temples on Tuesdays is a practice with many households. We additionally visited as children. Enormous piles of vibrant orange Bundi could be seen outdoors the Hanuman temples, particularly within the evenings. This can be a weekly affair, and also you hardly get any Bundi on the opposite six days of the week. It tastes like Jalebi however comes within the type of small balls that soften within the mouth. There are smooth and crisp varieties, I just like the latter however there are those that like smooth ones.

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Bundi Temple Prasad from Hanuman Temples
Bundi Temple Prasad from Hanuman Temples, Picture Shutterstock

As children, we’d usually purchase a small packet from the store outdoors, go to the temple and hand it to the Pujari ji. He would put some within the widespread pool and return the remaining to us after which give a small handful from the widespread pool to us as prasad. We liked the prasad a lot that we’d attempt to get as a lot as doable.

I miss it large time in south India. If I’m within the North on a Tuesday, I nonetheless attempt to go to a Hanuman temple, and someplace the child inside me nonetheless craves the Bundi Temple Prasad.

Modak at Ganapatiphule

Modak from Ganapatiphule
Modak from Ganapatiphule

Modaks are part of Ganapati Puja. More often than not I’ve had them at Maharashtrian pals’ properties throughout Ganapati Utsava. Nonetheless, I discovered them being served at Ganapati Temple at Ganapatiphule on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. The temple although widespread is normally not crowded, so you possibly can simply get the Modak. It’s even served by the eateries across the temple. For sure, it tastes heavenly.

Kanchipuram Idli at Varadaraja Perumal Temple

Kanchipuram is a divine metropolis centered across the temple of Kanchi Kamakshi with Shiva Kanchi and Vishnu Kanchi in its folds. Filled with Kanchipuram Silk Sari outlets and temples, its multi-grain Idli is a must have delicacy in Kanchipuram.

Kanchipuram Idli
Kanchipuram Idli

It’s served in virtually all eateries however as temple prasad you get it on the Varadaraja Perumal Temple on the coronary heart of Vishnu Kanchi. I missed tasting it on the temple although I spent greater than half a day there. I did have it at numerous eateries although.

Thor at Nathdwara

Most Vishnu temples throughout the nation have elaborate kitchens that put together completely different meals for the deity who likes to eat. On the Nathdwara Thakur Haveli the frilly kitchen prepares a number of meals all through the day for the younger Srinathji utilizing native greens and fruits. The meals modifications with the climate similar to it modifications in our house kitchens.

Temple Prasad at Nathdwara
Numerous Prasad supplied to Shrinathji

What is exclusive within the prasad right here is Thor – a candy dish made with Suji or Semolina and soaked in Chaashni or sugar syrup. Thor is the specialty of Nathdwara although it’s now accessible at choose e-portals.

Bangles as Temple Prasad

Bangles as prasad from Devi Temples
Pink Bangles as Prasad

At Devi temples, it is not uncommon to supply the Shringar for the Devi. It usually entails garments, be it a Sari or a Chunri, Bindi, Bangles, Haldi, Kumkum and jewellery. At some temples, girls additionally get part of this shringar again. I bear in mind receiving purple glass bangles at Nidhi Van in Vrindavan and on the Mahalakshmi temple within the premises of Jagannath Puri Temple. They’re my prized possessions and I put on them usually.

Frequent Temple Prasad at Numerous Temples

In addition to these specialties at particular temples, there are widespread prasads that you just get in virtually each temple. Panchamrita or Charanamrita, generally additionally known as Tirtha is the most typical providing at temples. You get it at any time you go to the temple, usually in your proper hand. In North India Peda and Laddus are widespread prasad in most temples. You see rows of Mithai outlets promoting them outdoors temples. In South India, it’s Payasam or the temple meals that everybody seems to be ahead to. Puffed rice and Ilaichidana are widespread dry prasad to take house with you.

Stone Carved Bowl at Odisha Temples
Charanamrita in Stone Carved Bowl at Odisha Temples

What makes temple prasad particular is the devotion with which it’s ready, supplied to the deity, after which to the devotee and the devotion with which it’s acquired and eaten. It’s an invisible thread that infuses the divine power within the meals we eat.

So, is there a favourite prasad of yours that you really want us to style?

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